- Over 50 thousand square miles (> 30 million acres) of land was lost to wildfires in 2019. Check out the 2nd graphic on this webpage
- The global temperature (trend visualization) in 2019 was 1.15C above the pre-industrial average temperature . More info here
- Current CO2 concentrations are higher than ever (> 410 ppm), compared to before the 1900’s (< 300 ppm). Daily updates here


If you are an investor funding climate-positive businesses, reach out to connect!If you are a founder working on a startup that will have a positive impact on climate change, I want to hear from you and help you (see below). Please take < 5 minutes to fill out this short intake form.- Financing – I am a Venture Partner with Anthropocene Ventures (early stage climate fund). I also am a scout for WeFunder (crowdfunding equity) and Enduring Planet (revenue-based financing), among many other organizations.
- Investment Strategy – If you are not a fit for investment from the investment funds I work with, I am licensed to help startups fundraise on a success basis. I am connected with 500+ investors.
- Consulting – I work with high-quality consultants that offer a variety of services – finding and applying to grants, CEO networks, pitch deck and storytelling support, and more!


Climate Capital Stack is a series of pieces on alternative sources of capital available to climate startups. This series aims to educate startups about when they should think about each alternative funding type and what considerations they should keep in mind.I previously started The Impact, a weekly cleantech Op-Ed newsletter and Innovate Climate, an online community centered around a weekly newsletter that highlights startups to the broader climate ecosystem. These two publications are now rebranded as Climate Builders.Most of my writing for The Impact was also posted on my Medium.


The intersection of climate and finance is my current focus and curiosity. I am interested in understanding how capital and debt work, which is why I'm pursuing an MBA and part of the reason why I am actively working on Climate Capital Stack. If you are a capital provider in the climate ecosystem, and we have not yet connected, or know someone I should connect with, please reach out/put me in touch.


My passion is at the intersection of sustainability innovation and business.I spent 5+ years building relationships with investors and founders in the broader climate space. In November of 2022, I quit my full-time job to go 150% into climate (my full story/background can be found here). I now wear many different hats and am actively pursuing an MBA from University of California, Berkeley.I previously worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) as a Product Manager and a Nuclear Safety Engineer. My other professional experience includes FreshRealm, where I supported a wide range of business operations to support customer success and business strategy. I hold a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Davis and have completed coursework in energy innovation from Stanford University